Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tuljapur Pilgrimage - Tuljabhavani Darshan

Tuljapur TuljabhavaniThis is a temple town which rose to prominence during the Maratha regime and the goddess was a family deity of the Bhosle rulers. Chhatrapati Shivaji used to take her blessings for success in his military campaigns. It is believed that the Tulja Bhavani presented Shivaji with the Bhavani sword. Tuljapur is one of the holy place in Maharashtra in Osmanabad district. This place comes under the Marathwada region located 270 meter above sea level on the hills called as Balaghat. The name of this town was "Chinchpur" as this place is full of Tamarind trees, but, later on changed to "Tuljapur" after the name of Shree Tulja Bhavani. Now it is considered one of the main holy places in India. Lakhs of devotees from all over the country visit this place. The place has religious significance during the period of "Navratra". Pandharpur and Akkalkot are the other nearby places of religious significance.
There are various means and ways for coming to Tuljapur. But the main is by bus, by train or by air.
The pilgrims coming by bus:
The pilgrims coming from the southern part of the country, who are traveling by bus usually come to Naldurg ,a place located about 35 KM from Tuljapur. This place has two roads , one leading to Solapur , the other one to Tuljapur. The pilgrims coming from the northern part and the western part of the country usually come to Solapur, a place about 44 KM from Tuljapur or Osmanabad place about 18 KM from Tuljapur. The pilgrims coming from eastern part of the country usually come to Nagpur about 560 KM from Tuljapur Or Latur a place about 75 KM from Tuljapur.The frequency of buses from Solapur, Osmanabad and Naldurg to Tuljapur is about 10 minutes .
The pilgrims coming by train:
The pilgrims visiting Tuljapur by train must come to Solapur, the nearest railway station from Tuljapur. Solapur is about 44 KM from Tuljapur.
The pilgrims coming by air:

The pilgrims who would like to come by air must come to Pune the nearest airport from Tuljapur or To Hyderabad from there one can come to Tuljapur either by train or by bus.
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