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Saptashrungi Mata Temple at Vani, Nashik

Saptashrungi Devi is Amba Mata, she is located at Vani a area muggy the city of Nashik in the disclose of Maharashtra. This place is one of the 51 shakti peeths in India & Pakistan.

Saptashrungi Mata Temple
Saptashrungi Mata Temple, Vani

The state of Maharashtra is the quarters to four of these peeths, they are namely

*Saptashrungi Devi at Vani, Nashik.

*Tulja Bhavani at Tuljapur

*Amba Bhavani or Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur.

*Renuka Devi in Mahur village in Nanded District.

The devi is carved concerning the subject of a stone cliff concerning top of the mountain Saptashrung at an altitude of 1230 meters above sea level. The carving is eight feet high and is carved upon a single stone twist. Devi a weapon held in each of her eighteen arms. Sapta-Shrungi means Seven Beauties, these are a chain of Seven mountain peaks and for that defense the make known Saptashrungi identifies considering Durga Devi who resides here. In general Durga Devi likes to reside upon top of the mountains so one of here names is Parvati (of the mountains). The temple is located at N 20 23 28.6; E 735425.1, it nice of sticks to the cliff where the Devi is carved. There is a road, which goes taking place to and altitude of 1150 meters, from here there is flight of 470 stairs, which goes right taking place to the shrine. The temple is taking into consideration ease related when the city of Nashik past own occurring transport buses.

One of the definitely important books that was composed at this place is the Devi Mahatmaya or Durga Saptashati which is section of the Markendeya Puran. Sage Markandeya wrote this book.

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