Sunday, January 4, 2015


Today I am writing this blog about a SWAYAMBHU SHRI GANESH MANDIR close to my native in Sangli district. Since my childhood I have been staunch follower of this temple. The interesting fact about this Ganesha Temple is that the Ganesha Idol here is not the installed one, but instead has come out of the ground. It has gradually kept rising above the ground. From few inches of height during my childhood, now it has risen to some 2 and half feet above the ground. This is very much reason as why this is being called Swayambhu Shree Ganesh.

Swayambhu Shree Ganesh Mandir

Over the years it has earned fame and reputation for fulfilling the desires of thousands of people in Sangli district and surrounding areas. It has been worshiped as being "Navasacha Ganapati". This means "Wish-Fulfilling Ganesha". People visits this temple in huge numbers on every Tuesdays, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vinayak Chatuthi, Sankashti, Anagarki, Ganesh Jayanti etc.

This temple is located in small village called "Antri Khurda" in 32 Shirala Taluka of Sangli District in Maharashtra state. This is somewhere around 25 kms from Peth Naka on NH4 on en route to Kolhapur.

From Mumbai/Thane/Pune, one can travel up to Peth Naka and take sharing vehicle or ST bus to reach to Shirala town and from their take another sharing vehicle or ST bus to reach to Anti Khurda. To travel up to Peth Naka, one can take ST buses, Private Luxury buses from Mumbai/Thane/Pune going to Sangli, Kolhapur, Karnataka. There are certain buses right up to Shirala as well.

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