Thursday, March 22, 2012

Solapur - Gateway to Many Holy Places (Pilgrimage Tours)

The regular readers of my blog will be surprised while reading this blog post. Unlike my usual blog posts which are about the holy and pigrimage places, this post is all about a city and its importance of being a hub connecting different places. This city is a great connecting place or gateway to many holy places that includes Akkalkot, Gangapur, Pandharpur, Tuljapur etc. Beside this there is a a famous Siddheshwar Temple in the city of Solapur.

Many pilgrimages can be planned surrounding the city of Solapur. One can make Solapur city for their stay beside the local sightseeing. One can plan a pilgrimage of 2-3 days. One can stay in Solapur and then plan a day's tour to visit Akkalkot, Gangapur. One day can be planned for visits to Tuljapur and Pandharpur. One day for some rest and local Solapur city darshan.

It is a well developed city with all amenities. You can find many eating places across the city, but one I cherish the most is eating at Shree Datta Bhojanalaya. This is the place where I find good food at affordable prices. The food is also delicious.

Solapur City is some 400 kms from Mumbai and takes little over 6 hrs by road. Lots of buses (private and public transports both) are available. There are also good number of trains going to Solapur from Mumbai. Siddheshwar Express is one such milestone train between Mumbai and Solapur.

So what are you waiting for plan your visit to this city and/or a pilgrimage surrounding Solapur.

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