Friday, September 5, 2014

Rohtang Pass - Such an Altitude to transform your Attitude

Rohtang Pass is a very high mountain pass on Leh to Manali Road. The highest point is at an elevation of some 3,979 meters. I happened to visit the Rohtang Pass during my Simla, Kullu Manali tour. Tour manager and the driver of our bus were very reluctant to take us to the highest point by giving various excuses such as its been closed by Army due to snow meltdown etc. Our group was splitted in 2 sub-groups and was travelling in 2 different buses. Due to our determination, we could compelled our tour manager and driver to take us on top of Rohtang Pass. Our other sub-group got into their respective driver's trap and henve could not do the same. They could managed to go only the halfway.
Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass

We had real fun out there at the top. It gives real sense of achievement as you feel on top of the world. I was always fascinated by Rohtang Pass especially after I watched the song in movie "Jab We Met" shot on Karina and Shahid Kapoor. Song was so very beautifully pictured then that I got very determined to visit it whenever I go to Simla-Manali tour.It was first week of June when there was not much snow as it used to be during Feb-Mar period. During Feb-Mar one can see huge amount of snow everywhere. But yet we could see snow in small small pockets every now and then so we were not disappointed much. Then top is the top so we were happy for that. Probably due to lesser amount of snow we could reach the top.

Well my dream came true on 04-Jun-2011. As we reached the bottom of the Rohtang Pass, we were convinced to rent out some special clothes to protect ourselves from the chilling cold. The clothes also includedThey charged us some Rs. 100/- odd then per person. After wearing those clothes and reaching the top we thought that probably we could have managed with our own winter clothes. So we were cursing the tour manager but later on we realised that it was a good decision as we played and tried to climb some elevated part at the top the clothes were badly damaged. Well I did some Sunny Deol styled "Maa Tuze Salam" from the top of the "Rohtang Pass".

It was indid a memorable day for me. On our way back we met with our other subgroup which was then very annoyed with their driver but then it was little too late.

I suggest the readers of this post to plan a visit to Rohtang Pass atleast once in their lifetime. Even if they have made it before still a worth visiting again. 

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