Thursday, February 23, 2012

Annavaram - Shri Satya Narayan Swami

Annavarm - Shri Satya Narayan Swami
I happened to visit this place in October 2011 during my visit to Pithapuram. This is that religious place where Shri Satya Narayan Swami appeared. In maharashtra and all other places in India, people are performing Satya Narayan Pooja atleast once in a year for happiness, richness, good family life. As mentioned above Annavaram is that holy place where the first Satya Narayan Pooja was performed and it is said that it is that holy place where if we perform Satya Narayan Bhagwan Pooja, we get complete blessings of Satya Narayan Dev as god has himself assured of his presence to listen to this pooja.

One should perform this Satya Narayan Pooja at least once in his life time. I did during my pilgrimage in October 2011. I suggest all god-believing people should do the same.

Annavaram is situated 32 Km from Pithapuram, 51 Km from Kakinada and 72 Km from Rajahmundry.

One can take Konark Express from Mumbai CST and get down at Rajahmundry and take another vehicle to reach there. One can club Annavaram pilgrimage with their holy visit to Pithapuram. You can also take flight to Vijaywada and from there on travel either by bus/vehicle or by train.

For more details on travelling from Maharashtra, you can write to me on or call on 022-23459745. 

You can also visit the official website of Annavaram Devasthanam at to book for Poojas and other information.
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