Monday, February 27, 2012

Jyotiba - Maharashtra's Kuldaivat

Jyotibachya Navana Changbhala
Today, I will be sharing information on Shri. Jyotiba who is Kuldaivat to many of Maharashtrians like me. This pilgrimage is in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. This Shri Kshetra is on the hill top near to Panhala. This hilltop is called "Jyotibacha Dongar". One can club this pilgrimage with other holy places in Kolhapur district. This pilgrimage can begin from Kolhapur. One can start with Shree Mahalakshmi Mata Darshan in Kolhapur city, followed by visit to Jyotiba, Narsobachi Wadi (Shri Kshetra Nrusinhwadi) in Kolhapur district.

If one decides to make visit only to Jyotiba and wants to stay in divine vicinity for 2-3 days, then he can either stay in Kolhapur city or at "Jyotiba Royale Resorts". This resort is on Jyotibacha Dongar (Hilltop) itself to give you both spiritual as well as scenic experiences. So you can imagine what could be my preference.

To know more about the Temple or doing online pooja bookings, please visit "".
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